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Nabbed from [ profile] emeraldswan.

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

  1. Saxophone - Steve. My one. My only. My love. hehe I've played the saxophone since ... I think it was my freshman year in high school. Originally I'd wanted to play the trombone, but my mom wouldn't let me. I'd started out with flute, so the progression to saxophone was pretty natural seeing as their fingerings (mind outta the gutter Andy) are almost identical. Plus, it's a rockin' instrument - very versitile. Jazz, rock, classical, you name it and a sax can play it and play it well. My saxophone, Steve is an Alto Sax, but my true love is the Tenor. Very rich and resonant.

  2. Claudia/Lestat - Emmy said to pick one, so I picked both. lol What can I say? I love them both. Claudia's impact on the vampires of that series was very profound, for her only having lived fifty or so years. She was innocent, yet deadly. She had such an impact on Louis, that I believe if a book was written today, he would still reference her. Lestat though, he is The Brat Prince. However, for as much as he claims not to care about people, about humans, and about Claudia, he cares simply too much. It eats at him, tears him up inside. I love them both as characters. They are so human.

  3. Spike - The Original Big Bad. What is not to love/like about this character? The snark, the wit, the accent, the bleached hair and ripped abs. The crooked little smile with the tongue barely peeping out. The raised scarred eyebrow. How do you turn away from that? Really. Not only that, but James Marsters played Spike so well that I think if it had been anyone else, this character would not have had the impact that it did. Honestly.

  4. Graphic Arts - I've actually hung my hat up on this for the most part. I just don't have the artistic eye needed for a lot of graphic work. It sucks, but there it is.

  5. Ohio - Not sure what to say about Ohio. It's an odd place to live. There are ghetto's, country, cities, fields, farms, slums, you name it we got it. Including your very own ghetto cowboy's. Yes, ghetto cowboys who where FuBu and 10 gallon hats and boots with spurs while they try desperately to pull up their pants. Weird weird stuff. Pull up to a car that's blasting rap, only to have Garth Brooks blarin' at ya after the song is done.

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When it comes to instruments my mind is firmly out of the gutter. I played violin when I was at school so know about fingering (as they don't have the handy frets that guitars do so you have to know where to put your fingers) and then started playing keyboards/piano where fingering can be just as important.

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I tried playing the viola. I wasn't bad, but I had a really hard time reading the clef for it. I can only really read Treble.

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Oh, you're five things:

Fantasy Genre
Oz (or Oz/Willow)
Common Rotation (I hope I got that name right!)

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I wanted to play drums or sax when I was a kid. Never happend though. I am a bit sad about that today.

Also about Spike? Yeah. Your right. Your damn right.

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Drums are fun, but my left hand doesn't like to cooperate very often. ;p The sax is just a great fun instrument to play.

hehe, he's a devil, isn't he? ;p

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I'll play.

Also, have you ever watched Torchwood? JM played a pseudo-villain for a couple episodes. It was weird seeing him without bleach blond hair, though.

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No, I barely ever see the television any more. I mostly catch up on House on Fox On Demand. But, I did see the ep in ... that superman show where he played an evil guy.

Your list:
Alan Rickman
Severus Snape
Painting (walls)

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I've been using Graboid to watch shows. I've been pretty happy with it, even if you have to pay if you want more bandwidth. Otherwise, you get like 3k mb free per month.

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Does Steve know you want sax from other phones?


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I've never told him, but there was that one class a day where I would put him away sadly only to pull the tenor out. I think he knew, but he never said anything.

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Oooh! me please!


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hehe kk

Obscure book subjects
Dale Earnhart Jr.

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Yep. That's Ohio. It's a scary place. Where else can you find a brick road with alternative clubs on the same street as clubs for the cowboys? And have an Irish pub just a little ways down the street.

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:) Though I disagree about your graphic art talent, I totally agree with your Claudia and Lestat musings. :)